Flight Miniatures Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200

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Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200

Flight Miniatures 1:200 Scale Plastic Snap-Fit Airliner Replica. 

Aircraft Registration: N935AT

On October 25, 2013 Delta Air Lines proudly flew its inaugural 717 flight from ATL to EWR operating as flight #2343, marking the debut of the 110 seat aircraft for the airline.

This fleet addition was made possible by a lease from Southwest Airlines, who attained a total of 88 B717s with the acquisition of Air Tran Airways.

Delta's configuration for the 717 features 12 first-class, 15 Economy Comfort and 83 coach seats. Business traveler favor the roomier 717s, and the fleet additions support the airline's goal of raising the standards for travel comfort. Delta will use its 717s both to replace its 50-seat regional jets, and the DC-9 it inherited in its merger with Northwest.