InFlight200 United 1969 DC-8-62 Mainliner N8967U 1:200 - Airliner Replicas

InFlight200 United 1969 DC-8-62 Mainliner N8967U 1:200 - Extremely Rare

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InFlight 200 1:200 Scale Metal Die-Cast – Douglas DC-8-62

Length: 9.11" Wingspan: 8.87” This model represents the United Air Lines DC-8-62, registration N8967U, construction number 46068, as it appeared in 1969 in its original delivery colors. The InFlight 200 production of this model was 588 pieces worldwide, released in May 2006.

The Douglas DC-8 The first Douglas jet transport, powered by four 13,500-pound-thrust P&W JT3C turbojets, could fly more than 600 mph. Douglas built 556 DC-8s in seven major variants over 14 years of production. The largest version, the Series 63, proved capable of flying more than 4,500 miles non stop while carrying 259 passengers. Its versatility allowed it to be fitted with high bypass-ratio turbofan engines by another company and this was called the Series 70. The DC-8-62 combined a short extension of 80 Inches (2.03 Meters) over the Series 55 fuselage, a 36 inch (.91 Meter) extension of each wing tip (to reduce drag and increase fuel capacity), and a new aerodynamically superior engine pod. This long-range aircraft enabled nonstop flights never before possible, such as Europe to the USA's West Coast with a full payload.